A – Consultation – included if we end up working together.  However, if you are interested in a sit-down consult with an industry pro who will listen to your live or recorded work and advise you on the right direction and next steps for your career, we can do this for $75/hour.

B – Co-writing – included if we end up working together.

C – Demos – You can still work with the best in the business even if you have a small budget.  We have our project studios to work at as well, where the very same musicians who have (as a band) sold 19 million records, are happy to work with you.

D – Full band recordings – the gold standard.  We get together in one of the many great facilities in Nashville, but at a very discounted rate to work with you and get you a record nothing short of a major label quality recording.

E – Associated services – graphic design, photography, web design, social media, radio promotion, manufacturing of your new product.