Who are these people who you claim have sold 19 million records?

– We will be happy to tell you when you get in touch, but due to the fact that they work for a very low rate for new artists, we do not post their names on this website.

How do I know you are not just another sleazy Nashville scammer/shark?

– We are all VERY public and VERY verifiable.  Get in touch and you can check us out for yourself.

Why not use ‘*a******t Songs’ or ‘A N** D** Productions’?  They are PROMISING me A, B, and C and will cost less money!

– Great question!

1. They will work for ANYONE who contacts them and tell you whatever you want to hear to get your business… feel special yet?  (We ONLY work with the very best and talented folks who truly have a shot in the market)

2. They make a million promises but lack the resources, contacts, and standing in the industry to deliver on ANY of them.  (We are the exact opposite)

3. What we do is UNDER-promise and OVER-deliver.  Our biggest claim is you will get a major label quality, radio ready recording, with a great producer in a top studio in Nashville with a band that has sold over 19 million records.* We happily deliver on that promise for our clients. :-)

*This does not apply to full bands seeking our production services obviously.

Who are these other vendors and why should we trust them?

– That is up to you.  We partner with several people we know and trust who are real working professionals just like us.  They have agreed to work at a reduced rate for our clients.  It helps you get real professional work at a price you can afford, and it helps them stay working at a time when the economy is not so great.

What genres do you work with?

– Mainly pop, country, rock, alt-pop, alt-country, pop-country, indie rock, alt-rock, folk, americana, singer-songwriter, but others as well.

How much will all of this cost?

– While every project is different, we make our services available to people with a wide variety of budgets.  Just get in touch and we can work it out.  If you find yourself asking ‘why go with these guys if the other company will be cheaper or free?’ remember that you get what you pay for in this world.

But my friend X who is a big deal and really knows what he is talking about said I should never pay for these types of services… that I am so talented people should be doing all this at no cost to me…

– Your friend is wrong.  Although you might in fact be extremely talented!

Will you shop my material, help me ‘make it’ in the business?

– Two ways to look at this one…

1. Our MAIN objective is to get you a KILLER record with the best in the biz at a price you can afford.

2. Nashville and the music business at large is a world of relationships and associations.  You will leave this situation with a whole host of the RIGHT relationships and associations with people.  That in turn raises your name recognition, brand awareness, and value in the market.  Trust me when I tell you that same thing will NOT happen from any of these other Nashville companies labeling themselves as Artist Development who advertise on craigslist or the internet.  OR… DON’T trust me and sign a contract with one of them.  It’s your career  ;-)