Who are we and why are we doing this?

When I first played in Nashville as a touring artist in 1998, I was so excited and in awe of this magical land of music.  After having a fair amount of success in commercial country music, I decided to finally make Nashville my full time home.  I arrived with the wisdom of a working pro, the contacts of an insider, and the excitement of a newcomer seeing the land of Oz for the first time.

But work trickled in slowly.  What was the problem?  I soon learned there are hundreds of ‘artist development companies’ here in town that truly give Nashville a bad name.  I was losing work to them on a weekly basis.  They have no talent, no contacts, no chance in hell of building a career with or for an artist! BUT, they have flashy websites, make big promises, and lure people in with “lucrative exclusive contracts”.  They are the very bottom feeders of this industry and the sharks that wait in the shallow waters for the new folks to get off the bus.

Can we do it better?  OF COURSE!  In fact, we HAVE been doing it better for years, only not in a formal way.  So, I got together with my friends (the very top names in the actual legitimate working music industry) and put together this organization and idea to  TAKE BACK MUSIC CITY from the grinches that are taking advantage of you as we speak.

We ONLY take on projects that are truly talented and in the top 1% of what’s out there.  So, if we pass on your project for now, please keep working hard in your career and keep us in mind for the future.